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Heritage of Hudson Featured in Healthcare Newsletter

September 18, 2020
Hudson, Ohio - The following article is from Foundations Health Solutions, our parent company, and the quarterly Culture of Care Newsletter that came out today. Karen Ginder, Administrator at Heritage of Hudson, highlighted Sherri from the Environmental Services team.

I have only been the Administrator at Heritage of Hudson for the last two months, but I can tell you already we have an outstanding housekeeping team! Sherri Berry has already established herself as someone who is not only an amazing housekeeping but a wonderful, caring person. She embodies our Culture of Care that we provide to the residents of Heritage of Hudson. Sherri will be cleaning rooms and jump into laundry without anyone even asking her to, ensuring residents get their personals back in time. She recently volunteered her time to pack up a resident's belongings that was returning home to her family. This particular resident had a room full of items from knickknacks to clothes to pictures and Sherri made sure all of these resident's belongings were handled with care.

Sherri takes the time to get to know her residents while cleaning their rooms. Sherri's rooms always look immaculate because she is so detail-oriented. I can see that the residents and staff enjoy talking to Sherri. She is so pleasant to be around; not a negative word comes out of her mouth. Her joy spreads and it makes everyone's day a little better, even during this trialing time.

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